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Personal Tattoo Designs

You just give us the idea you want

Designer with over 6 years of experience

You will be in contact with the designer during the design phase to make sure you get the design you want

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We Design Your Idea

Just give us the idea you have in mind: 

- the size and colors of your tattoo

- where you would like the tattoo placed

- what emotions or feelings you want conveyed


Original Tattoo Designs

Your designs are made from scratch in a studio apartment with many other tattoo designs inside. You will receive your designs through your e-mail in standard JPG. and PDF. format. If you don't like your design we will review it and send you an updated version until you are satisfied with your result.

Our Designer Has Over 6 Years of Experience

Our designer graduated from a top school with a Bachelor's Degree in the arts. There is no skimping when you are looking for a tattoo. It is going on your body permanently! You can trust you are getting the quality and professionalism you are paying for.


Payments with any Credit Card through Stripe, or with PayPal

Your payments are %100 secure through the platform Stripe. You will be receiving your first draft of the image within a week's time. You have unlimited revisions until you are happy with the product! 

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"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story".

Johnny Depp

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